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American Financial Resources Wholesale Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence and Innovation in Technology and Customer Service

American Financial Resources Wholesale Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence and Innovation in Technology and Customer Service

(Parsippany, NJ) August 11, 2017 –In June 2007, American Financial Resources, Inc. opened the doors to a dedicated full-service mortgage wholesale division that has evolved over the past decade to enable their client’s business by providing a technologically advanced portfolio of products to support the correspondent and broker communities. AFR Wholesale is proud to celebrate its ten-year anniversary having grown into one of the largest service providers in the country, with a nationwide network of more than 1,000 brokers and correspondents.


AFR Wholesale is fully invested in the success of their business partners by providing industry-leading technology, professional expertise and education, as well as unbeatable, world-class customer experience.


Industry Leading Technology


Much of AFR Wholesale’s advancement over the past decade has been predicated on its continually evolving, technology-enhanced products delivering Brokered and Correspondent lending solutions, with a variety of enhancements to simplify the mortgage process.


Offering the latest technology platforms to their broker partners allows them to conduct business from anywhere, on any device, with ease and efficiency. AFR Wholesale’s innovative technology solutions pave the way for quicker closes, easier pipeline management, and more satisfied transaction partners.


“Technology has transformed the lives of everyday Americans in recent years and, now more than ever, they require tools that simplify and streamline seemingly complex tasks such as applying for a mortgage,” said Laura Brandao, COO and hired to launch the 203K wholesale division. “Our constant development of innovative tools underscores not only American Financial Resource’s pioneering mindset, but our commitment to ensuring an optimal experience for both brokers and lenders.”


AskAFR through Alexa


Continually pushing the technology envelope in the mortgage world, AFR Wholesale is proud to announce a revolutionary partnership with Amazon to integrate its lending origination portal, AFR Loan Center®, with Amazon's intelligent personal digital assistant, Alexa.


AskAFR through Alexa™ provides AFR brokers improved customer service by offering instant and continual access to information about their current account pipeline. It will help streamline day-to-day business operations with voice-activated capabilities including pipeline status, integrated communications, scheduling, and much more.


The newest technology tool in the AFR Wholesale support arsenal brings the ease of speech to how partners obtain information. Simply saying, “Alexa, Ask AFR Loan Center” will generate the answers needed to grow business and be competitive in the industry.



AFR Loan Center® / MyLoanCenter


The biggest game changer for AFR Wholesale’s broker partners over the past decade, was the development of AFR Loan Center®, a proprietary loan origination portal to efficiently manage the account pipeline and streamline borrower communications in one convenient location.


Built based upon feedback from brokers prioritizing what they need to drive business, and designed for brokers in the industry who can benefit from enhanced operational and support resources, AFR Loan Center allows brokers to monitor their customer’s loan requirements and progress via a proprietary portal which includes available add-ons such as white label and one-time-close capabilities.


To further improve and enhance the mortgage process, in September 2016, AFR Wholesale launched MyLoanCenter™, designed to integrate with AFR Loan Center, to streamline and improve the way brokers communicate with their customers


A complimentary device agnostic portal, MyLoanCenter facilitates real-time communication between the broker, borrower and lender by providing visibility on current conditions and loan status.  It assists brokers to better manage their client relationships and keeps track of important events within the loan.  At the same time, empowering the borrower by giving them a one-stop location to find key information about their transaction including loan conditions and status. 


AFR continues to enhance its technology offerings by making the AFR Loan Center portal also available via a recently-launched native mobile application for both iOS and Android users.  This Touch ID enabled application provides the same functionality as the web-based version while adding the convenience of a smart-phone application.


Renovation Innovation


Earlier this year, AFR Wholesale launched a VA Renovation Program designed to help the men and women who serve our country repair or upgrade their home with the low rates VA lending programs offer. This program allows for minor renovation costs to be included in the loan amount of a house for purchase, or for repairs being done to an existing home with equity.


This program is perfect for those looking to do small repairs such as repainting, fixture swaps, or accessibility


Poised For Continued Excellence


American Financial Resources is known as an industry leader. They are the #1 FHA 203k lender, for sponsored originations, in the country, and an innovator in One-Time Close loans. With ten years behind it, AFR Wholesale continues to evolve itself and the industry of independent brokers and correspondent lenders it serves.


By combining innovative customer service programs with ground-breaking technology solutions, AFR Wholesale is poised to help its brokers and correspondents achieve even more success in the decade to come.



About AFR Wholesale

AFR Wholesale, the company’s wholesale/correspondent division, serves a nationwide network of more than 1,000 wholesale/correspondent brokers making it one of the largest providers of these services in the country.

AFR offers three primary lending channels for our customer base to engage with. Whether a broker operating with limited lending ability, a correspondent lender looking to expand their own product library or a credit union who wishes for the most seamless transaction for their members, a solution exists for any need within AFR.



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