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Exceleras Redesigns Consumer Facing RE Search Tool

Exceleras Redesigns Consumer Facing RE Search Tool

A new look and feel makes it easier for consumers to find investment properties

GLENCOE, IL -- January 7, 2019 -- Exceleras, the creator of the DispoSolutions Real Estate Owned (REO), ValueSolutions Collateral Valuation and ClearView Offer Management platforms, announced today that the company has completed a complete overhaul and redesign of its consumer-facing real estate search engine to make it easier for investors to find REO properties and other assets for sale by the company's clients. The tool works in conjunction with the ClearView Offer Management platform, making it very easy for buyers to find properties and then ask their licensed agent to make a fully transparent offer through ClearView.


"Clearview has been very well received and we felt it was time to make it more accessible to a larger market," said Amy Bergseth, Chief Operating Officer for Exceleras. "Now that we have upgraded our consumer facing real estate search engine, REO agents can direct their buyers to the site, exposing more potential investors to our sellers' assets. The newly designed search engine will continue to appeal to our traditional market of REO specialists and asset managers, but will also be easy for anyone buying or selling real estate to navigate and use."


In addition to visual improvements, Exceleras has added many new features to its real estate search engine, including enhanced search functionality, a built-in map view, and significantly more data included in all property listings. The new software also loads significantly faster.


ClearView is a real estate offer negotiation tool that works with DispoSolutions and is designed to allow a buyer's agent to submit an offer directly to the bank or servicer. While the search engine is a tool for investors, only licensed agents can make offers through the ClearView platform.


After tracking 30,000 transactions, sellers using ClearView saw an increase in the average number of initial offers (not counters) per property of 66.74%, as well as an average of 3.15 more offers per property. The Average Days on Market per property decreased by 9.33 days. Best of all, ClearView users saw an increase in the average Percentage of Sale Price to Initial Listing Price of 11.13%.


"Our data confirms that adding transparency to the bidding process creates efficiencies that lead to more, higher quality bids, shorter sales cycles, and ultimately higher prices for real estate," said Exceleras President and CEO Michael Harris. "We have been enormously pleased by the outcome of this technology, and our updated design will make it even easier for our users to profit from it."


About Exceleras

Exceleras, formerly Default Servicing Technologies (DST), in Glencoe, IL, is a premier provider of web-based automated tools used by mortgage servicers and asset management providers to efficiently manage and value REO properties. DispoSolutions was engineered to help maximize performance throughout the REO servicing process. It combines complete workflow management for all phases of property management from initial default through final disposition of the real estate owned. The platform integrates easily with all major servicing platforms to provide a single, reliable portal for enhanced communications between all parties involved in the transaction, while ensuring full compliance and accountability. DispoSolutions offers built-in process checks that ensure accurate and complete information to help servicers make better, more informed decisions. It also provides easy access to quality service providers across the country, from appraisers to attorneys. The firm's national vendor database includes ratings to help servicers make better, more accurate decisions. Exceleras also offers the industry's most advanced and fully automated online valuation management software: ValueSolutions. Find out more online athttp://www.exceleras.com.


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