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What I’m Reading This Week (6/15/18)

What I’m Reading This Week (6/15/18)

By Rick Grant

In my ongoing quest to find thought leadership that is both worth thinking about and capable of leading me to a higher level of success, I have catalogued a number of interesting pieces that I share with you here.

Blockchain Suddenly Looks Like Liquidity
I haven’t had a chance to visit with any of my favorite sources about this yet, but if I’m reading this right it looks like the SEC has just made issuing a virtual currency in the form of security tokens a lot easier. Will this replace securitization as a tool for giving lenders liquidity for their mortgage lending efforts? Not sure. See what you think. See this article in which the SEC Director says Bitcoin is not a security.

The Social Media Mistakes You’re Still Making
I found this article from the Harvard Business Review interesting. I do a fair amount of my work online, so it was good to see what some of the leaders in what we used to call new media are saying we need to stop doing. Check out this article on the basic social media mistakes companies still make.

Mortgage Lenders are Feeling the Pain
I have been hearing from clients, friends and sources across the home finance industry that lenders are starting to feel the effects of lower loan volumes. Bonnie Sinnock, one of the most experienced journalists covering the mortgage industry, explains why lenders are feeling the pain in his article on National Mortgage News.

Changing the Way Banks Think About Pricing
I’m always impressed with the thought leadership that comes out of Accenture. This week, I read that 17 percent of US banking revenue now comes from digital relationships. It’s changing the way banks think about pricing their offerings. Read it if only to find out what a “digital relationship” is.

3 Things You Need to Do to get to the Top
I’m always attracted to articles that promise to give you the keys to success. I found this article about getting to the top 1% of your field interesting and useful, but not very specific. I mean, there really are things a person can do that will get them recognized as a leader in their industry. Sounds like a post in need of writing to me.

News I noticed this week
Here are some headlines I caught this week that I feel are worthy of your attention.

Loan Vision Expands
I have worked with
Carl Wooloff and Martin Kerr at Bestborn in the past. Today, they have a dedicated internal crew to handle their public relations efforts. The company recently celebrated passing the 100-customer milestone.

Visionet Integrates with LendingQB
My friend and digital marketing master
Atul Dhakappa, founder and CEO of Xenia, turned me onto these guys and I’ve been impressed with the company’s leadership. This was a good move for both companies.

Nationwide Title Clearing Exposes Industry Trend
I’ve worked with the folks at NTC for many years. If you know them, you know why I’m proud to be associated with them. They told me recently about a trend they had identified in the capital markets related to the sale and purchase of pools of nonperforming and reperforming loans.

It can be hard to find the press releases issued by firms in our space, especially if they don’t use a wire service for distribution. We’re seeing a lot let of this news showing up in the trades and who has time to visit every company’s website. I rely on MortgageSpeak for this and have found Greg Janecka to be very good about sharing all the news he can find. Be sure to send him your next release.