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What I'm Reading Now (6-29-18)

What I'm Reading Now (6-29-18)

By Rick Grant


This is a special issue in my WIRN series. I was married on this day 22 years ago. But you can’t take a day off from seeking out good thought leadership just because it’s your anniversary. Enjoy these articles, especially if you are celebrating the Independence Day holiday this weekend.


No more paper?
Seems like we’ve only been hearing that promise for, like, forever. But Michael Harris, CEO of Exceleras says he sees some light at the end of that tunnel in the fifth installment of his technology trends piece on LinkedIn.

Would you like some service with that loan?
Mortgage lenders have struggled with customer service ever since the government told them that their real customer was the consumer and not the secondary market investor they sell their loans to. It may have to do with the often conflicting messages from those investors. Or it may be that serving consumers who don’t trust the industry is hard. Either way, David Demster points out that Borrower Satisfaction is Not An Option. This is a good piece. It reminds me of a piece I love by Mike Detwiler.

Housing Confidence on the Rise
Terry Loebs has been crunching mortgage industry data since I was a cub report at National Mortgage News. I’m not saying he’s old or anything, just smart. You’ll see what I mean in his recent article Housing Confidence: Still Growing. Given the news that came out of Zillow this week, this may qualify as a “strike when the iron is hot” period in housing history.

Getting Content Creation Right
Now that just about everyone realizes that it’s not just about what you do but what you say about what you do that matters, content marketing is all the rage. On the agency side, coaches are jockeying for position to teach the rest of the industry how to do it right. I found some good advice in this story about what nobody understands about content creation. Nicolas talks about the right question. As an old reporter, I can tell you that it’s not about any one question. It’s about constantly asking good questions to smart people.

Is disruption really your business model?
As a former Mortgage Technology magazine editor, I understand the appeal of a truly disruptive technology. In a market where acquirers are standing in line to make founders and their M&A advisors rich, it has a very strong appeal. But not every new technology has to be disruptive, according to the guy who founded BaseCamp. Interesting.

What really happened to that cat?
So, they are finally doing it. Not sure it this is because scientists are just running out of other experiments or if the idea of Schrodinger’s Cat is just too perplexing for theoreticians to put down. As a result, recent experiments have put relatively large objects into quantum states.


News I noticed this week

Here are some headlines that caught my attention this week:

What is driving technology forward
Melanie Cornelius, Vice President of the Mortgage Division for SLK Global Solutions has a nice piece in this month’s MReport that looks at how new technology and new skilled third-party providers are advancing the title industry.

LendingQB has integrated Visionet Systems Mobile Tool
A new integration between these firms allows lenders using the LendingQB’s LOS to connect with borrowers on their mobile devices through Visionet’s LoanVelocity.

Millennials are still struggling with the homeowner concept
Mike Sorohan wrote about some recent research indicating that Millennials still account for a large untapped market for mortgage lenders. If only they can lead these youngsters past the hurdles.

Wait! I thought interest rates were rising
Is this why free enterprise is so great? Maybe. Competition is so fierce for new mortgage business right now that the Fed’s rate increases (and threats of future increases) are not having much effect.

What are you reading these days. I’d love to read about it in the comments.