BlackFin Group Sets Date For Second ILC Conference

By | February 17, 2021

Industry leaders set to come together to address industry’s most significant challenges.

LAGUNA HILLS, CA—February 17, 2021—BlackFin Group, a management consulting firm serving the Mortgage Banking Industry, has set the date for the second meeting of its innovation-focused think tank, the Innovation Leadership Cohort (ILC). The ILC is composed of notable industry leaders from regional, state and community – banks, credit unions and independent lenders and the technology and settlement services firms that support them. The ILC will meet online on February 18, 2021.

“Today, there is a demand among executives to band together to understand and advance innovation in the financial services industry,” said Mark Dangelo, Chief Innovation Consultant for BlackFin Group. “For leaders in these institutions, the struggle is knowing how to adapt to change while dealing with external events that threaten their very existence. The ILC is the first industry-specific think tank to tackle these challenges.”

The first meeting of the cohort took place last October and invitees were specifically selected to represent widely diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and brilliance – the formula required to truly revolutionize the Financial Services (or any other) industry. Key takeaways from the first meeting included:

  • Why Financial Services Banking Organizations (FSBOs) are emerging from COVID with better reputations
  • How banks are getting better at giving consumers what they want
  • What FSBOs of all sizes are doing to stay relevant in a changing market
  • How technology is helping FSBOs form stronger relationships with customers
  • The current challenges with change management
  • The rising need for soft skills in the banking industry

The upcoming meeting of the Cohort will focus on three key conversations:

Building relationships with technology and innovation.

This discussion will address “smart banks,” the reality that customers are seeking an experience—not just the technology, soft and hard skill demands, and what SHOULD the bank to customer relationship become.

Giving banking customers what they want—when they want it.

This discussion will not only be about customer behavioral changes, but also address financial inclusion, mobility, security, and ultimately, trust.

Establishing a Foundation for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Growth and Profitability.

This discussion will start with a BlackFin Group briefing document but go toward the most likely future states the Cohort can identify.

“The ILC was an experiment we hoped would shed light on current industry challenges,” said BlackFin Group CEO Keith Kemph. “We wanted to know whether we could pull together a multi-disciplinary group of industry leaders and find some answers. The first meeting was a resounding success. I can’t wait to see what the ILC has to say about this next batch of industry challenges.”

For more information about BlackFin Group’s Innovation Leadership Cohort or about becoming a member, contact Mark Dangelo today.

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